“Million of youngs girls and women each year, suffer the pain of unbearable torture and sometimes death, each year.

Not only in Muslim countries because this cruel ritual began before the advent of the Islamic cult. However, it is a ritual performed predominantly in Islamic countries, even though the Koran does not specifically mention this disgusting, male chauvinistic custom. It does, however, support the Koranic brutality towards women. Nor does the Bible mention it, although in some pseudo-christian sects, females still suffer because their society demands that they be deprived of all sexual feelings while males in the community exploit women with impunity.

Some women are re-sewn up with no anaesthetic, after copulation so that the husband may be sure his wife has been faithful. Tragically, many Islamic clerics are NOT informing their female adherants of the Faith; that this practice has NOTHING to do with the Koran.”