Aquarius – The most unique of the zodiac; unconventional; original; rebellious; perservering; contemplation; logical; factual; focused mind

11th House – The house of humanitarian ideals and all-encompassing perspectives

Quality: Fixed

Element: Air

Cycle: Transpersonal

Charge: Positive / Masculine

Motto: I Know

Planet: Uranus

Symbols: Water Bearer

Colours: Electric Blue; Turquoise

Flowers: Orchid

Birth/Gemstones: Amethyst; Garnet

Metal: Aluminium

Body: Circulatory system; Calves; Achilles heel; Ankles; Shins

The air form of aquarius is a still cold winters night

Positive Traits:

Friendly; humanitarian; open; honest; original; inventive; independent; intellectual; focused mind; humane; ethereal; sensibly idealistic; refined; genial; frank; serious-minded; intellegent; clear; concise; logical;

Negative Traits:

Contrary; perverse; unpredictable; unemotional; detached; eccentricity; egotism; dogmatism; lack of integrity; rudeness; resentfulness; cunning; secretive; burst of extreme temper


Friendship; freedom; intellectual stimulation; camaraderie; surprises; companionship;  feeling understood; emotional safety


Jealousy; possessiveness; control; ego plays; narrow-mindedness; being ridiculed; routines; fighting; inequality; being taken forgranted; being understood

In General:

“You are a thoughtful and contemplative person, striving to understand things around you, no matter how difficult that might be. You take nothing for granted, and you don’t just adapt to what seems to be expected of you. You want to find your own way, do things the way you yourself think is the best. That leads to many quite original conclusions and habits. Since you don’t follow any trends, you have a behavior that is rather unconventional, sometimes even odd in the eyes of others. But it makes sense to you, and that’s what matters. You would not dream of living in a certain way, just because everyone else is.”