Scorpio – 8th and most mysterious of the zodiac; powerful; deep; secrecy; desire; passion; intensity; regeneration

8th House – The domain of birth, death & rebirth… & the occult

Quality – Fixed

Element – Water

Charge – Negative

Motto – I Desire

Planet/s – Pluto; Mars

Symbols – Scorpion & Eagle

Colours – Black; Purple; Red

Flowers – Orchid; Gerbera

Birth/Gemstones – Opal

Metal – Iron; Steel

Body – Reproductive system & Sexual organs

The water form of Scorpio is calm, murky waters that holds unknown things

Positive Traits

Intense; powerful; deep; profound; highly passionate; sexual; mysterious; magnetic; ambitious; loyal; devotional; emotional; sensitive; determined; tenacious; persevering; reserved; calm; restrained; complex; perceptive; insightful; purposeful; imaginative; hypnotic; creative; penetrating; resourceful; inquisitive; analytical

Negative Traits

Controlling; jealous; cunning; suspicious; compulsive; aggressive; willful; fanatical; deeply resentful; brooding; potentially destructive; seething; forceful; inflexible; revengeful; self confident; ruthless


Activity; secrets; mysteries; winning; strategy; being acknowledged

A secretive person, who enjoys strong emotions lived out through others – but yourself, you are quite restrained. A key word for Scorpio is passion, but it must be understood that passion is so strong a feeling that it can hardly be expressed. It is suppressed. Under the surface and deep inside, that’s where your passion roams. Still, this is what makes you trigger others to live it out. You enjoy the mysterious and the incomprehensible, and you do crave to make your wishes come true, no matter how unlikely it is. You also have a taste for the bizarre.


Being analysed; intrusive people; egotistical people; too many compliments; having to trust a stranger