Following on, in relation to my last post, I’m sure all have been frustrated by this time and time again. So in case you have wondered why or just plain need reminding when the frustration becomes all too much:

 “A male brain is configured to concentrate on one specific, dedicated task at once and most men will tell you they can only do one thing at a time. When a man stops his car to read a street directory, what’s the first thing he does with his radio? He turns it down (most of them at least)!

Most women can’t understand why this happens. She can read while listening and talking so why can’t he? Why does he insist on turning down the TV when the telephone rings?

The answer is that a man’s brain is configured for one thing at a time because of fewer connecting fibers between the left and right hemispheres, and a more “compartmentalized” brain. Take a brain scan of his head when he’s reading, and you’ll find he is virtually deaf.


A woman’s brain is configured for multi-tasking performance. She can do several unrelated things at the same time, and her brain is never disengaged, it’s always active. She can talk on a telephone, at the same time as cooking, reading the new recipe and watching television. Most of the time she would be able to pay attention to all of those things. But if a man is cooking a recipe and you talk to him, he is likely to become angry because he can’t follow the written instructions and listen at the same time. If a man is shaving and you talk to him, presumably, he’ll cut himself. Most women will have had the experience of being accused by a man of making him miss a turn-off on the highway because she was chatting to him at the time.

Because women use both sides of their brains, many find it more difficult to tell their left hand from their right. Around 50% of women cannot instantly recognize which is which, without looking for a ring or a freckle first. Men, on the other hand, operating in either the left or right brain, find it much easier to identify left from right. As a result, women all over the world everywhere are criticized by men for telling them to turn right – when they really meant left.”