I have commenced this site in the hope to pass on useful information and ideas which I have come across myself and believe to be too good, interesting and/or helpful not to pass on.

What readers do with this information is none of my concern, nor whether or not they agree, as this site isn’t to agitate or debate, merely to inform, share and express as I have been informed, have learned or discovered and then as the name suggests you can decide for yourself.

As a seeker of truth and knowledge and understanding of the universe and myself, I value awareness.  

I understand truth can be subjective, momentary and ever-evolving; meaning, that what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow as we continue to evolve, learn and grow both individually and collectively.

Therefore, I always seek to remain flexible and open to all possibilities and encourage my readers to do the same.

Disclaimer: This is solely a collection of information I find interesting, helpful and in some cases personally proven. I do not necessarily supply scientific facts in any of my topics nor wish to. If you wish to get down and scientific about any of the content you are free to do that of your own accord. I am also neither liable nor completely stand for anything included on the sites where links are given.