Pisces – The most adaptable of the zodiac; compassionate; imaginative; sensitive; self-less; other-worldly; intuitive; big-picture; dreams; mystical

12th House – The house of endings and what is unseen, what is sacrificed and put aside

Quality: Mutable

Element: Water

Cycle: Universal

Charge: Negative / Feminine

Motto:  I Believe

Planet: Neptune

Symbol/s: Fish

Colour/s: Sea-blue; Sea-green; lavendar; white;

Flower/s: Violets; Water Lily; White Poppy; Lotus

Birth/Gemstones: Amethyst; Aquamarine; Moonstone

Metal: Platinum

Body Part/s: Feet; Immune System; Lymphatic System

The water form of Pisces is the ocean

Positive Traits:

Shy; romantic; imaginative; sensitive; other-worldly; understanding; compassionate; dreamy; trustworthy; idealistic; intuitive; sympathetic; kind; empathy; spiritual; artistic; undescriminating; visionary; passive; inspirational; accepting

Negative Traits:

Unrealistic; impractical; aloof; easily led; secretive; vague; escapist; idealistic; gullible; neglectful; lazy; illusory; distracted; detached


Romance; nature; ambient music; mystical settings; freedom; privacy; poetry; art; music; food of all kinds; candles; incense; water; being loved/wanted;


Bright, noisy, crowded places; dirty, ugly garish objects; the wrong people; tight spaces; authority; revealing private life;

In General:

“You are a modest and self-sacrificing person, searching tirelessly for what can make life truly meaningful and fulfilling. You need to believe in something, and you’re perfectly willing to spend a lifetime finding it. During this search, you don’t hesitate to make significant personal sacrifices, even when others would say that they are pointless or just too much. You are definitely more of a follower than a leader, and you can find it in you to adapt to almost any circumstance, and to compromise enough to do fine together with almost any other person. But you have your quest, which is so hard to complete, so you often find yourself giving up what you have, to move on. Maybe next time you find what you’re looking for. In the meantime, it happens that people take advantage of you, because of your willingness to comply, but it rarely hurts you. You are aware of it, and don’t mind paying that price.”