My Review

I saw this for the first time, the weekend past. I was sure I’d seen it before when I was younger but on seeing it this time I realised if I did I didn’t remember it and was much too young to really watch it, so it was good to see it with adult eyes.

As I told a friend of mine that I was setting down about to watch it she said “ooh, it’s quite old”, as a warning to it’s old-fashioned ideas and values. Knowing me quite well she also said “the male lead is quite horrible and harsh, but I would love to hear your critique afterwards”.

So darling, here it is.

I already have a penchant for the ‘classic’ movies as it takes me back to my mother’s era for one, a time when I was young, where sentimental memories hold dear but I also love them for their historical factor.

I am also quite the Audrey Hepburn fan; my favorite movie being Breakfast At Tiffanys as her character Holly Golightly, in both personality and life resonates in many aspects with mine so I was quite delighted with anticipation for her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle.

As suggested, Rex Harrison’s character the professor is quite the man of the day in 20th Century London displaying all the charm of the class distinction back then, especially his misogynistic expressions as a bachelor, to his Colonel friend. Yes, my friend was right it was quite harsh and bold and very much a one-sided point of view but I believe generally speaking,  it is a great representative of the ideas and attitudes held by the male population then and still today!

Aside from the obvious sexist themes and remarks and old-fashioned notions there was his one ‘argument’ in particular of why women can’t be more like men. In my opinion, this isn’t just a line in a movie, this is an idea that as well having experienced it myself, has been pushed on women since man first realised women are a different sex to them. And I will boldy venture to say that generally speaking, they have yet to FULLY ACCEPT that.

Of course, I personally believe in the evolution of the sexes meaning that we are evolving from being total polar opposites of each other to a ‘complete package’ or at least our awareness of ourselves is but I do know that to know where you’re going, you have to understand where you’ve come from.

Instead of making an effort to understand females and work in harmony with them as co-inhabitants of earth, males up to this point in time have blindly controlled, dominated and yes, continue to try to make the female more like themself – male but they are not, they are FEMALE and they are female for at least the very simple reasons that they are.

Of course it stems from the instinctual drive within the make-up of the male psych in order to ensure survival of the human species but as we evolve those out-moded instincts must die in order for the new to become.

As we are evolving and especially because we are evolving, there is a continually growing mutual frustration as women also can not understand why males are not more like females. I believe it grows even worse as we evolve because we experience some of the evolved other sex; the sensitive male, the bold, assertive female and adapt to it but it is not complete, far from from complete so when we come up against the unevolved there is a mixture of rude shock and disappointment.