So, the last few posts lead me on to a topic of discussion I had on another website. The original subject was about women in power; why there aren’t more of them in this ‘modern world’.

“After the over-throw of the Taliban in Afghanistan and of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the U.S. made sure that when those two countries held elections, 25% of the seats in their legislatures would be reserved for women. That is a better representation than women have in the U.S. In the U.S. Congress, women account for only 16.3% of the members: 16 of 100 in the Senate & 71 of 435 in the House of Representatives. Eighty-four nations have a greater percentage of female legislators than the U.S., including our neighbors Mexico and Canada, as well as Rwanda, Vietnam and Cuba.”

One suggested, “Old Boys Club'”(gender inequality coupled with economic inequality, both of which have foundations in religious dogma, aka patriarchy)”. This suggestion was given much consideration amongst other agreeable posters.

Another mentioned an article read years ago, from a well educated politcal female figure in India saying, “If you want to raise the standard of living for the people in your country, you must give money to women. If you give it to the man he will spend it on himself but if you give it to a woman, she will spend it to better her family.”

My first considerations, were along the line of that even though the women’s movement has brought about a consideral change in women’s oppression and rights it was more about the freedom of choices. It was about having the freedom to choose the lifestyle they individually wished as men do.

However, athough the modern woman can now choose whether to have a career or study or family or all of the above they still on the majority choose the lifestyles so hard fought by their predecessors to escape from, or at least the rigidity and futility of them.

Now whether ‘they’ choose this because it is still easier than fighting the patriarchal religious dogma generation (would be those still in power today) and I think we have all had enough of the fighting and wars that continue throughout the world daily, or whether it is part of the unfinished evolution of the sexes within the ever-evolving world.

So along that wave of thinking, I concluded that though we may still be in the remnants of an outdated patriarchal system it’s only fair and logical that if women want men to develop more of their female side to be more sensitive and in touch with themself, to be more self-reliant and independant, to be less caveman and dictatorial they need to ‘grow some balls’; be bold and assertive, be more demanding of better circumstances by not accepting anything else and go for what they want. ie. take on more of what was considered male gender traits.

For men to be sensitive, women must be assertive… it’s all in the balance!


Possibly, having derived from the ‘Boys’ Club’, is the brotherhood which all males share. We have seen it in all the reality shows where in competitions which involved developing aliances in order to survive elimination, it didn’t matter how many male / female alliances took place in the beginning, by the end of the competition when it came down to them choosing between their female aliance or their male aliance, unless they were personally involved they ALWAYS chose their male alliance.

Thus it suggests, that if women stopped seeing each other as a threat (this was an important evolutionary-developed trait, certainly not one to be ashamed of) and developed a sisterhood that rivaled the brotherhood in terms of support and encouragement of each other, we would see more of that balance.

If women took the time to understand themself, through their intuition and guidence shared in that sisterhood, they may realise the very thing they fear in other women are the parts they misunderstand in themself. That through healthy communication they can close those fear-producing misundertood gaps.

If women realised, that they only hold themself back by placing too much confidence in MAN as if HE were GOD and put it back in themself and their relationships. If women look for the answers from within themselves instead of placing too much reliance in their doctor, priest, boss etc. For example; I have often been to a male doctor till I finally realised he really doesn’t know that much about my body as a woman except what he’s studied in books but then I thought well how can he? He’s a man and will never know what it’s like to be a woman, no matter how many books he studies!

If women discovered the MAN within woMAN and saw themself as beautiful instead of needing confirmation from man who can barely see their woman inside the MAN to take care of himself, this evolutionary rivalry would lessen and the sisterhood would flourish.

At this suggestion, I was hit with comments from other female members of the forum saying well it’s tough to get through that ‘Boys Club’. But I say, that’s not where the challenge lies exactly, the challenge is because of how they are made. To be female is to be sensitive; to be in touch with your emotions because as mothers they need to be. They need to be sensitive to their children’s needs! 

I know personally, being a highly sensitive person and woman myself, that when I’m emotional ALL logic shuts down; I just can not think logically! Just as men can only do one thing at a time, generally speaking, when women are in an emotional state they can not think logically, at that time. 

Someone once told me, a long time ago that all the answers were inside me… as much as I hated hearing that at the time HE WAS RIGHT!