Libra – 7th and most diplomatic of the zodiac; seeker of balance and harmony; lover of beauty, music and art

7th House – The partnership of love and of unity; all that is in twosome

Quality: Cardinal

Element: Air

Charge: Masculine / Positive

Motto: i Balance

Planet: Venus

Symbols: Scales

Colours: Pink; Pale Green/Aqua; Lavender

Flowers: Daisy; Rose

Birth/Gemstones: Jade; Sapphire; Opal

Metal: Copper

Body: Kidneys & Lumbar region

The air form of Libra is calm autumn winds

Positive Traits:

Co-operative; diplomatic; open-minded; just; urbane; fair; partnership-oriented; avoids conflict; refined; graceful; charming; debative; idealistic; egalitarian; sociable; artistic; peace-loving; elegant; graceful; compromising; easy-going; gentle; sensitive to others; kind; cheerful; romantic

Negative Traits:

Rationalise; be easily deterred; indecisive; lazy; manipulative; pleasure-oriented; self-indulgent; frivilous; mind games


Fairness; equality; harmony; beauty; justice

You are a person of principles, striving for balance and order.

You prefer agreements to orders, but do insist on what you are convinced is the right way. Sometimes you find it hard to make up your mind, and to decide between opposite alternatives, in other cases you move surely and swiftly from A to B to C. You believe strongly in reason, and in solutions reached by discussions. You do not believe that anything defies logic.


Cruelty; offensive behaviour; conflict & discord; vulgarity & coarseness; injustice