An ode to spring…….

Spring – 1st September – 30th November (according to Australians)

Spring Means:

– New beginnings

– Spring cleaning

– New life hatching

– The thaw of winter; return of the sun

– The arrival and delicious smell of blossoms everywhere

– Slowly waking up and preparing for the excitment of summer

– Long walks

– The return to the outdoors

– Fresh air; ideas; outlook


Spring Days

Never before was the sky so blue
You would need to say blue one million times
Expressing the colour through-and-through
In this endless, elvish springtime.

Never before were the trees so green
Standing tall against the sky
Their trunks shine a mahogany sheen
In the sunny world of Springtime

I never saw such fluffy clouds
Drifting lazy through the sky
I swear I could pull them if I try
Down from the heavens of Springtime.

In summer, the sky is far too bright;
In Autumn the trees seem dead;
In Winter the clouds bring thunderstorms
But in Spring such things are NEVER said!!

2007©Susie Australia