Virgo – Sixth and most analysing of the zodiac; earthy; precise; ever measuring, scrutinising, cleansing, clearing, compiling

6th House – The work done, skill expressed, one’s profession and daily strife, what is being done and how

Quality: Mutable

Element: Earth

Charge: Feminine / Negative

Motto: I Analyse

Planet: Mercury

Symbols: Virgin (Maiden)

Colours: Green; grey; navy blue; brown

Flowers: Ivy; Fern; Chrysanthemum

Birth/Gemstones: Sapphire; Sardonyx

Metal: Mercury

Body: Intestines & Digestion

The earth form of Virgo is a full grown harvest

Positive Traits:

Analytical; insightful; precise; meticulous; orderly; methodical; practical; pragmatic; mental; intelligent; inquiring; responsible; perfectionist; witty; clever; polite; well-mannered; hygienic; clean; refined; industrious; efficient; detail-oriented; flexible;

Negative Traits:

Cool; conventional; shrewd; critical; undemonstrative; reserved; fussy; nervous; pedantic; petty; over-critical


Health foods; orders and lists; hygiene and cleanliness; wholesomeness; details; peace

You are a hard working person, paying great attention to detail, scrutinizing just about everything. You are quite critical, the last one to be convinced or swept away. You’re not much for improvisation, but need mostly to go to the bottom of things, and to be prepared. You are usually rather restless, getting frustrated if there is nothing to do – but there usually is. If not, then to redo.


Hazards to health; sloppiness; squalor; uncertainty; uncleanliness; confusion