Cancer – The fourth and most affectionate; sign of sentiment; motherly compassion; tides of emotion

4th House The castle of home and family; immediate family life

Quality: Cardinal

Element: Water

Charge: Feminine/Negative

Motto: I Feel

Planet: Moon

Symbol: Crab

Colours: Light blue; Silver; Green

Flower: White flowers/roses

Birthstone: Moonstone; Pearl; Emerald

Metal: Silver; platinum

Body: Stomach; Breasts

The water form of Cancer is a torrent, such as rain, a river, or the flow of the ocean. 

Positive Traits:

Tenacious; retentive; resouceful; home-loving; patriotic; sentimental; caring; maternal instincts; sincere; kind; easily flattered; romantic; warm; sympathetic; purposeful; wise; goofy; cautious; protective; sensitive; security-oriented; shrewd; loving; emotional; generous; conservative; loyal; kind; charming

Negative Traits:

Changeable; moody; clinging; devious; clinging; depressive; lacking in stability; possessiveness; control issues; dependancy issues; moody; crabby; over-protective


Feeling appreciated; sincerity; tradition; stability; routine; commitment; laughing; feeling supported


Erraticness; sudden changes; insincerity; being ignored; dishonesty; not knowing how you feel; being uncomfortable

Cancer is the cardinal water sign indicating that strong and out rushing feelings and emotions guide their actions. When they love they love forever…period. Their extremely tough outer shell makes it hard to truly get into their heart but once in the loved one becomes pampered, adored and prone to being the focus of their feelings and moods.

A cancer lover instinctively nourishes and dotes on the object of their heart and can be all encompassing in all ways. Being traditional and home oriented means that for male cancers they like to follow the proper rules and ways to court, to fall in love and to make it permanent. Likewise for females they tend to wait until the man makes his move regardless of how strongly their own feelings are.

No one can do love and give love like a Cancer can but it is heart and maternally oriented as opposed to sexually oriented and its worse tendency is to be smothering. A cancer who feels insecure in a relationship is apt to become demanding: either sulking silently hurt or verbally making it clear what is wrong and why.

The outer shell protects them from giving too soon and too often but likewise those outer claws serve to hold onto a loved one with a tenacious grasp that is almost impossible to break. Yet their actions are always driven by the true depth of their feelings and the loved one almost always holds a cherished spot in their heart even long after the union is over. For protection…not even Leo can outdo the fierce and loyal strength that a Cancer wields in the name of protecting a loved one.