“Multicultural Arts Victoria is Victoria’s peak arts organisation promoting cultural diversity in the arts.

MAV is a membership based organisation representing individuals, groups and communities across all art forms; music, dance, theatre, film and TV, visual arts and new media.

Multicultural Arts Victoria was established in 1983 and evolved from the Festival of All Nations. Since that time, it has worked consistently to support artists and communities in Victoria and has a strong history of quality program delivery and of encouraging innovation and creative cultural expression in the arts.

MAV produces an annual program of projects and events promoting Victoria’s diverse artists and different art forms, offering fresh ideas about what is seen as contemporary and traditional, established and experimental, mainstream and community. MAV is a specialist arts resource agency offering a wide range of services and information. MAV is an agent and broker for artists and groups with expertise in arts marketing, promotion and publicity, project administration, assistance and information regarding arts funding, grants and applications.”