Moon – Aspirations of the unconcious

Scorpio – Surrendering, in order to be reborn

Well here we are again, one month later, with another full moon in Scorpio (May 19-20). In a rare occurence the full moon has fallen consecutively in the same sign.

Having already been prepared by the last one this one was as intense but in a different way. This one was more internal than external or maybe I just directed it that way.

As usual, it’s affect began a week in advance where it began intensifying the affects of my planetary transits and in particular Chiron squaring my ASC – Ahhhhhhh….!

This happened a couple of days ago and I can tell you it was a tough couple of days in particular. I felt all this pressure inside and didn’t know what to do with it but it had to come out; had to be expressed!!! As healthily and naturally as possible to myself and others.

Luckily through my memories of previous lessons I was able to put to use the patience I’d learnt from them and awareness of what was being triggered. I could tell exactly when it lifted; I was walking home and all of a sudden the weight of it was gone and i could ‘breathe normally’ again.

So that set the theme of this full moon experience – putting more of the past to rest in the form of outwardly expressing internal blockages to release them .

And it’s worked – I feel healed in ways I haven’t been for a long while; another barrier inside has been broken, another code deciphered, one step closer to freedom of the soul and better integration of mind body & spirit!

Once I accepted the theme which was blatantly obvious when my phone company disconnected my phone; hello – red light says ‘take a break from everyone else and give yourself time and space at this time’.

I listened and was rewarded with more insight and peace of mind and spirit.