Saturn – Honour; it’s toll & limits

The 6th House – One’s profession & daily strife

Virgo – A sign of scrutiny

Virgo colours – Green, grey, brown, navy blue

Ok, so to continue on from Saturn in Virgo, I will go deeper into the subject.

“Virgo naturally rules the 6th house just as Aries naturally rules the first house. These natural sign rulerships assign each house it’s basic color and characteristic areas of life to represent. So the sixth house’s agendas have to do with work, health, service, employer/employee relations, and synthesis, among other things. Those are all Virgo characteristics.

That means that regardless of whether or not you have planets in Virgo, if Virgo is in your natal sixth house, then Saturn is traversing that house now by transit and you will likely share many of the same issues that the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sag., Pisces – are experiencing while Saturn is in Virgo, though perhaps not as intensely.”

An excerpt from Liz Greene’s book; Saturn – A new look at an old devil:

“As a cadent house, the sixth is the inner process of attunement or ordering which synthesizes the qualities developed through previous effort and forges of them one integrated personality which can then be the vehicle of expression for the self.

Work, when it is related to this house, then becomes not only a means of livelihood, or a means of justifying one’s existence, but it also becomes a ritual or preparation or purification and assumes importance as a symbol – just as money is a symbol when considered against the deeper meaning of the second house.

The body itself is a symbol if this point of view is logically extended, and the health of the body is related to the success or failure of the integration process which is necessary for planets placed in this house.

This may seem an abstruse definition for plain, hard-working Virgo and her plain, hard-working house. But if we look once more to mythology, we will find that the virgin goddesses of the ancients were virgin not in the sense of sexual innocence or naivete for these goddesses were also prostitutes and ruled over the mysteries of sexual union and of birth. Virginal meant whole, single, possessed by no man, and the servant or slave of no husband or lover.

The virgin mother goddess was a female archetype who mated and gave birth but who would never be a wife or helpmeet for she was wholly herself, independent, self-contained, integrated and dependent on no one for her meaning or expression.

It was only later that these goddesses were given to solar deities and were deprived of their autonomy and their sexuality in one clean swoop of patriarchal social development. There may be in this symbolism another key to the meaning of Virgo and the sixth house, for they appear to be connected with wholeness, the synthesis or integration of the various warring components of the psyche. On a larger level the synthesis or integration of the individual with his physical environment is also suggested, prior to his being able to join with others in a cooperative relationship.

The mysteries of the power of the mind over the body are being tentatively explored in psychology and psychosomatic medicine, and the less orthodox schools of healing, such as hypnotherapy, are perhaps even more aware of the subtle but unquestionable link between one’s state of mind – and this includes the feeling nature – and one’s health. But we still understand very little of these matters, and as much as medical science has been able to accomplish since ancient times, the recent exploration of the energy field or “etheric double” which permeates and co-exists with the physical body suggests that we have only just begun to comprehend the full meaning of the physical vehicle. The ancient science of acupuncture and the esoteric doctrine of the chakras or energy centres are not so absurd or unprovable as they were once thought to be.

What we have always believed to be physical illness now appears to be originated from an entirely different level. We have only recently become aware of the concept of the unconscious mind, and prior to the birth of psychology in this century – accelerated by the discovery of Pluto – it was left to the medieval alchemists to make discovery some sense of man’s fantasies and dreams, and this they were never able to achieve fully because they lacked the methods of scientific research. Perhaps we must wait for the discovery of another planet before the sixth house and sign will yield their secrets to us.

Saturn in the sixth house seems to provide an opportunity – often through frustration, disappointment and ill health – for a journey into the mysteries of the interconnexion between mind and body and the possibility of a conscious and deliberate synthesis of these two, the reward of which is good health and a new awareness of the meaning of the body and the material environment.

Few people, however, are aware of this opportunity because we are not made aware that there might be a deeper meaning to work and to health. More commonly Saturn placed in the sixth refers to a state of disease, of discomfort, or of frustration and limitation in one’s work situation. The fundamental psychological need for rhythm and ritual, the careful ordering of external life as a symbol of the careful ordering of the inner life which should, and rarely does, parallel it, is often denied in childhood. This need is as valid and as real as the need for security or for achievement.

When the man is relatively unconscious, Saturn may be symbolic of discontent and resentment because he may be aware only of the fact that he is in a rut and that he is imprisoned by circumstances. He may feel that he is capable of better things and will chafe against the boredom of his endless routine. Yet the meaning of the routine escapes him because he does not truly understand the meaning of service. The inner serenity which can be achieved through alignment with the group life by service is rarely achieved in this case. Only the monotomy of the outer pattern, repeated over and over again, is apparent.

Saturn in the sixth house may suggest that the individual will be drawn toward service, but his conception of service is generally a situation where one does menial tasks for others. It is said in esoteric teaching that service, rather than being “good works”, is an innate quality of the inner man; it is a state of consciousness rather than a planned act. Service of this kind is the result of inner integration for once the body and feelings and mind of a man are in balance, he can then begin to become aware, intuitively, of the purpose and nature of his inner psyche. He is no longer occupied in reconciling the battling components of his nature, but through an inner attunement – achieved through a ritual ordering of his personality – he can listen to his real direction.

This is the goal of meditation, and of yoga, and of certain kinds of ritual magic, all of which are given to the sixth house – although the meaning is rarely made clear. Service which is the result of inner balance is the potential result of Saturn in the sixth house (or Virgo) when he is expressing in a conscious way, and this placement is common among physicians, surgeons, and those who tend to the mental and emotional ills of others because it is a fulfillment of the inner need of the group.”

It has been an unconcious dream of mine for so long now to discover the secrets to fluent mind-body-spirit integration. Maybe this Saturn-in-Virgo period will now help me unlock these.

Since Saturn entered Virgo and therefore began transitting my planets in Virgo and my sixth house, I have noticed these changes in my life:

– Changed my diet with excellent results to both energy and form

– Increased my exercise routine to the same positive results to energy & form

– Begun expressing myself more in both verbal & written form

– Can relate more & have an understanding of both the energies of Virgo and Virgo natal people

– Work life has become intense but in a productive way

– Work relationships are stronger

– I am looking closely at the finer details of my life instead of glossing over them×52787