Many people don’t realise this but they are literally addicted to their cheese / dairy products and it’s all due to this simple ingredient naturally found in both animal and human milk.

Casein is a naturally forming protein in both animal and human milk which has properties akin to the opiate naturally found in poppys. This is natures way of bonding the baby to the mother and ensuring the baby feeds well in order to grow! This is why babies need to be weaned off milk and onto solids; they need to be weaned off the drug..!

Like calves that go from drinking milk onto adult food so should humans move from milk to adult food. It is proposturous to think that we go on eating baby food throughout our adult life! And we think we’re the evolved species…..! ha.

It is the reason many people will be able to go vegetarian but not vegan. The reason many vegetarians will indulge in dairy products – Addicted!