I think if everyone truly realised this we would begin to solve the issues of homelessness, overweight, environment and even world peace..!

I mean honestly, how much does one need? – Not that much!

I must admit, after growing up in a large family home it took me a while to even contemplate an apartment let alone live in one as small as I do now.  Yet, now that I live in one I can barely contemplate anything that is too large to keep clean, too spacey I barely see whom I’m living with or have rooms I never visit and places too busy and cluttered I can’t breathe in.

I love my little place. I figure if I can truly and properly take care of that small space without the need of outside help; aye to be truly independant then I will be happy enough.  And even then after my busy lifestyle there are still bare spaces.

After a series of circumstances I moved into the place with a handful of possessions and a few bags of clothes and decided that it would remain that way till I can afford the items I really like instead of cluttering it with mismatched items and stuff I’d barely use just so the place is filled in doing that I’ve realised how little I really need!

The same went for clothes. Being a typical girl who especially in my teens bought clothes like there was no tomorrow I would make many a fashion buy to only wear it once or twice. It wasn’t till I put on weight and couldn’t fit in my usual clothes that in a vow to return to my former glory I decided not to buy any extra clothes till I could fit into them! It was during that that I realised how I really didn’t need that much and it only took a little creativity to make different outfits to suit!

I buy food as I need it the same. If you go to my fridge now you will find probably only about 5items – truly a bachelorette’s fridge! Likewise the cupboard as I don’t see the need to hoard my food like there’s going to none tomorrow; despite what doomsdayers may say. I shop local and eat local as much as possible.

I would also say that is how I eat. Unlike the days of growing up and eating bags of lollies, unlike the days of living at home where being made all sorts of cakes and dishes that entertained was the norm I no longer feel the need for such extravagance. Since discovering how sensitive I am to rich foods I have cut them out and guess what? Yup, discovered how much I really don’t need! Not only have I lost the weight, it costs less and my focus isn’t food; it’s life!

Emotional eating it’s called which I venture to say that 99% of the population indulge it it but I will cover this in another post.

Less is more – is a popular term for the art of make-up also. All girls in-the-know will know when wearing make-up or even to dress tastefully; that the less you use the more effective it is. You will find if you are eating healthy you will naturally glow anyway.

Maybe because I have uncluttered the mind and found my space there, I have no need for extra space in my life that I do not need.

How much better would the environment be if we only used as we needed?

How much more room would there be for the growing population would there be if instead of million-dollar homes we only had what we really needed?

Why do we feel the need to own our own little worlds as if sharing with others might lessen our enjoyment?