Now many associate this with weight-gain issues and while this is generally the case, it goes even deeper than that, in my opinion and a reason behind a lot of health-related issues.

Today I wouldn’t look twice at eating a piece of cake. There is no temptation no desire, not even a sense of loss. In my mind the idea of eating something totally unnecessary is ludicrous to me. To think that we can be in control of not only how we look but how much energy we have and how whether we can contact some deadly disease like heart disease just by what we consume, I wouldn’t look at it twice!

Growing up in my family home, like most Australian homes, treats such as cakes, ice-cream,  were the norm; most probably a British trait. Nanna made cakes like there was no tomorrow. We had cakes, slices, desserts, treats etc. Hence when visiting her in latter years, it took her a good while before she understood that I wasn’t rejecting her just her so-called treats!

Interestingly, also whilst growing up, the powers that be in our family did a big shift in diet from so-called ‘junk’ foods to healthier foods but I’ve since rejected those so-called healthy treats also as unnecessary. Call me a party-pooper but honestly I just do not get the concept of eating something in the name of a treat!

In fact, as we are all learning now the worse thing you can do is treat a child with food.  Why is food; a necessary daily need for energy and growing considered a treat? If it is unhealthy to begin with then it will always be treat or not. It makes more sense to enjoy and make enjoyeable the foods that are healthy and beneficial and maybe treat you children to a hug or a journey somewhere different; something beneficial to their growth and learning; now that would be a treat!

Emotional Foods:

Meat – How many men eat this without realising how little of this they actually need. In fact, in some constitutions red meat is not needed at all! But according to the stigma; men are not men if they are not eating meat!

Dairy – This is a big one. People are actually addicted to this because of the casein naturally occuring in milk. Cheeese is where casein is the strongest. It’s no wonder people can be vegetarian but not vegan; they are literally addicted to cheese!

Cakes – At every social event at work there is a bloomin cake and as humourous as it is to see grown men turn into little kids at the sight of cake you know it’s only because of one thing – emotional eating – memories of family events.

MSG – Foods that have that artificially enhanced ‘good’ taste without being from an actual spice or natural flavour. Again, like all things sparkly and enhanced it is just another form of extremism that leads to overkill and guess who wears it – the body. And it will begin to show; it’s only a matter of time.