Boundaries; limits – the furthest point, degree, amount, or boundary, especially one that cannot or should not be passed or exceeded.

Although I grew up in an extremely sheltered home, I was neither taught boundaries nor were my boundaries respected or honoured. I was given boundaries that were unnecessary and not where they were necessary and coupled with my easy-going and adventurous nature it is easy for those lines to be blurred.

So I have had the task of relearning and resetting my boundaries.

As a woman, I believe, this is a common thing. Generally speaking, we run on responses to emotions, feelings; all the undercurrents of life – all things necessary for raising humans – aye, the next generation, so it is to easy for us to have our boundaries blurred because emotion doesn’t see boundaries only logic does!

Like many things I’ve discovered in life, there are very fine lines to many things indeed, many boundaries are just that and hard to see them especially for one who is eager to explore the depths of all things it can be easy to cross them in the curiosity of finding out the whys and whyfors. Like a cat with 9 lives I have danced along these lines in the name of learning but have discovered it better sometimes to just look ahead for that fine line and use it as a guide.

While it’s good to be flexible and open to possibilities I’ve since learnt that boundaries, like rules & laws, are not only necessary for safety and self preservation they give structure and balance to what could otherwise be a chaotic existance in which nothing is achieved.

Boundaries are good for personal safety and self preservation as you can only let in what is comfortable and then when you’re ready or brave enough you can extend those boundaries.

Where I would once get annoyed at coming up against other’s boundaries I’ve discovered if I’m patient and observant I can use them as signs in how to understand and therefore deal with that person and maybe there is something I’ve missed that needs the caution they are displaying.

There have been many times when I’ve overstepped my boundaries due to an inbuilt quirkyness (astrologers will call it Uranus), I’ve come to accept and even love at times; it certainly keeps life from being boring.

I think also that they are in constant motion also. Just as our moods go in and out like the tide, so too the measures of our boundaries over time.