It is the ego’s job to protect and preserve; a healthy ego is not only a safety mechanism but a sign of happiness but like all things when in the extreme it turns from being helpful to a hinderance.

Amongst other hard-earned lessons along the way, this was a biggie for me! Being a Leo, it is quite natural for me to instintually act from the ego but as I have learned, without true confidence the ego only gets you so far.

Arrogance is pure unadulterated, unfiltered, untempered ego. It is neither nice to be around nor is it polite as it thinks of nothing but itself.

It can be a helpful tool; aye the arrogant youth that uses it as a step up – ‘fake it till you make it’ but it must be recognised as such or it will eventually lead to disappointment. Like all things bright and shiny; there is usually a use-by date and like youth it will eventually fade/mature/change.

Confidence is learned, understood and practised behaviour, gained by experience which is usually the result of bad experience. It is something you have earnt therefore something that long after the ego is worn down or out is still there, something that can’t be taken from you as you know it soul-deep!

‘Good judgement is the result of experience which is usually the result of bad judgement’.

An unhealthy ego is harmful, as it not only is unhealthy for the carrier but can seek as a destroyer of anyone in it’s path – ‘misery loves company’.