Taurus – Second & most stable of the Zodiac – a sign of basics; firmly routed, steady

2nd House – Spiritual & material resources, out of one’s own capacity

Quality: Fixed

Charge: Negative / Feminine

Motto: I have

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Symbol: Bull

Colours: Pink; Brown; Green

Gemstone: Emerald

Metal: Copper

Body: Throat and neck

The earth form of Taurus is fertile soil that has green growing plants

Positive traits:

Disciplined; hard-working; good sense of humour; calm; sensual; romantic; affectionate; organised; harmonious; strong; steady; conservative; dependable; loyal; protective; practical; resourceful; determined.

Negative traits:

Controlling; stubborn; stuck in ruts; resentful; possessive; jealous; self-conscious; over-indulgent.

Likes: Stability; being attracted; natural things; time to ponder; comfort & pleasure.

Dislikes: Disruption; being pushed too hard; synthetic things; being rushed.

Taurus will tend to have a full and square face, small ears, a rounded and dimpled chin, generally large foreheads, a short and turned-up nose, large and expressive eyes, glowing and opaque skin, full and well-shaped lips, small and even teeth, and thick, often curly hair. They are thought by some to usually be above average height and the men often possess a voluptuous figure, a swan neck and Grecian nose.

Taurus, are usually quite relaxed, sort of laid-back even when involved in some­thing. It is natural for the Taurus to be slow, calm, and conservative in the sense of being reluctant to change. The natural habitat for the Taurus is working the soil, farming and handicrafts. Materialism, things concrete and solid.