Motherhood: All love begins and ends thereRobert Browning

As we come soon to Mother’s Day I am reminded of the article I read in one of the social magazine’s, maybe it was Woman’s Day, a few weeks ago now. It was a featured article on mother’s in the media and how great it was that they were able to balance their careers with having children.

But you have to wonder, who was really raising their children? Their nannies? Their childcare centres?

Now clearly, these mothers come from the generation that fought to have their careers and then be able to balance them with motherhood in a bid for independance and freedom from the prison of home and family as it was but who is it really benefitting to go to the extreme of not even raising their own children totally?

Do they achieve an strong enough mother-child bond or will there be eventuating attachment disorders that development later in life?

As a proud aunty of five already I have watched my sisters lives as they have come to motherhood. But I have likewise been proud of their approach and dedication. They are not rolling in it by any means but their commitment to their children’s lives is second to none as they have chosen to stay at home as long as necessary to ensure that.

As a result their children are healthy from being fed the best of foods, good natured and temperament because of the undivided attention they are given and happy because their mothers are.

The proof of this came when one of my sisters’ little ones started acting up starting from the time she returned to work, she soon as possible finished up work to be with them and immediately the behaviour stopped!

It makes me wonder whether as a society do we realise how much Motherhood is THE most important job in the world?

Children, who are the next generation; the future. How much effort we put into them determines how much of a chance we give the future; our legacy.’s+life+is+the+most+important&source=web&ots=KZZ4noePFR&sig=nPl8cQTOUt3UENo8d9__LgMOUQk&hl=en