The Moon – The inner longing of the soul

Scorpio – The sign of passion; delights in the hidden & intimidating

Well it is another full moon in Scorpio at the moment and as usual of late, I could feel it coming almost a week in advance!

I’m still not exactly sure why this is, although I consider it to be either a certain or a combination of circumstances.

The first being, I am an incredibly sensitive person, much like described in The Highly Sensitive Person and can feel my connection to the universe quite strongly, including the planetary movements. Another, my ascendant is Scorpio and with this strong placement I am naturally attracted and sensitive to all things involving Scorpio and it’s influence. I also have a few transits involving Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) happening at the moment, which I also assume adds to that sensitivity of it’s affects.

Many times usually, I will feel an intensity in my self and in my present life and and not think to contemplate at the time, the source till I hear or discover that either the new or full moon was in Scorpio. But then that also is the nature of Pluto; it’s secrecy and also its tendency to influence a loss of control, for it is in this happening that transformation of the soul takes place!

This occurence in particular, for some reason, I could feel well in advance. Much like my sensing the transit of Saturn into my natal sun sign of Leo those few years ago and then when it went began to transit my planets in Virgo last year and why I am well aware of it beginning to advance upon my venus in Virgo – but I will save that for another post. I will never know, nor wish to know, how it will affect me but I know it is there and maybe allow myself to open up to it’s influence in a form of complete surrender and faith.

I am still not sure why these affects of these transits occur well in advance. It’s as if it’s preparing me for what is about to happen so that I may be fully aware and therefore able to take full advantage of the situation.

It is for this reason though, why I am so passionate about sharing my awareness with as many who are interested, that they may also become aware and therefore able to take advantage of this awareness as I can.