“This is an important initiative to harness the best ideas for building a modern Australia that is ready for the challenges of the 21 st century.

With the complex challenges that Australia is facing, we need to get the best ideas we can from all Australians – business people, experts, community leaders – and just ordinary Australians.

I know from travelling around the nation that many of the most creative solutions to our big future challenges are in the minds of Australians whose voices normally aren’t heard in our national Parliament.

The Summit will help us shape a long term strategy for the nation’s future – covering the economy, the nation’s infrastructure, our environment, our farmers, health care, indigenous Australians, the arts, national security, how we improve our system of government, and how we strengthen our communities and ensure nobody is left out of Australia’s future.

It’s a big agenda, but we need to think big.”

This is so exciting for me; as a nation we are gathering momentum as to who we are and our place in this world and what we have to offer it. 

Each day, I grow more proud of Australia – MY HOME.

But with this pride comes the sense of responsibility and I ask myself; what can I do to help?!