Australia is to have its first female governor-general, with the announcement that Queensland’s governor, Quentin Bryce, has been appointed to the job.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Ms Bryce would become Australia’s 25th governor-general.

Ms Bryce, who was appointed the 24th Governor of Queensland in July 2003, had been an inspiring governor, serving with great distinction, Mr Rudd said.

“Ms Bryce has an outstanding record of service to the entire Australian community,” he said in a statement.

“She is highly qualified for the role of governor-general. Ms Bryce has enjoyed a rich and dynamic career as a lawyer, academic and senior public office holder.”

Her former roles include federal sex discrimination commissioner, inaugural director of the Queensland Women’s Information Service and founding chair and chief executive of the National Childcare Accreditation Council.

Ms Bryce has been appointed to a five-year term.”

Mr Rudd, said Ms Bryce would capture “the spirit of modern Australia” in the vice-regal position.

Mr Rudd said he expected Ms Bryce would use her role to give a voice to women, people from the bush and indigenous Australians. Asked about the significance of appointing a woman to the position for the first time, he said: “It’s taken us 107 years. It’s been a while but it’s good that it’s happened.”

QUENTIN BRYCE, declared yesterday: “It’s a great day for Australian women.”

Ms Bryce said the role was a great honour and responsibility. “I grew up in a little bush town in Queensland of 200 people, and what this day says to Australian women and to Australian girls is that you can do anything, you can be anything,” she said. “It makes my heart sing to see women in so many diverse roles across our country in Australia.”,23599,23534781-421,00.html