“”Despite living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, more than 36,000 young Australians will be sleeping on the streets tonight”

The National Youth Commission will today release results of the first independent national inquiry into youth homelessness in almost 20 years. In that time the number of homeless teens has doubled.

Each night, half the homeless youths who seek a bed in emergency accommodation are turned away because services are too full, the report revealed.

NYC commissioner Assoc Prof David MacKenzie angrily condemned the figures as a “national disgrace”. “No young person should be homeless in a country as prosperous as Australia. Part of the economic surpluses from our prosperity needs to be used to eliminate homelessness.” ”


But I wonder, is this really a lack of government funding issue or a reflection of the psychological issues being faced by the Australian people….???

If half the youth on the streets are being ‘forced’ there by incompetent, negligent and/or abusive family situations, maybe this is what really needs to be addressed…?

Maybe the questions that need to be asked are:

Why are families not coping…?

What are the relationship issues?

How can these be addressed?