Aries – First & most eager of the zodiac- challenger & initiator; a sign of impulse & action

1st House – The immediate appearance of the personality intended

Element: Fire

Charge: Positive / Masculine

Quality: Cardinal

Cycle: Personal

Motto: I am

Planet: Mars

Symbol: Ram

Colours: Red; white

Birthstone: Diamond

Body: The head and skull

The fire form of Aries is a wildfire, an uncontrolled fire

Positive Traits:

Initiator; courage; enthusiasm; leadership; initiative; straightforward

Negative Traits:

Impatience; opinionated; forceful; irritable; impulsive

Likes: Challenges; impressive ventures

Dislikes: Setbacks; long projects

Ariens are great initiators, full of flair and originality, although usually lacking discipline and the capacity for prolonged effort (minions must be found to do the slog work!). You are intuitive and articulate, with the capacity to inspire others, especially in projects which have a clear outcome and do not require a long lead-time.

If your sun sign is Aries, you are not much for relaxing. Actually, you might have a hard time relaxing if you are inactive. You need to do something, be involved in something. You also tend to be quite impulsive with your actions, a strong believer in the principle that it’s better to do something wrong than nothing at all. You are quite energetic.

You have masses of energy and courage and will rush in where angels fear to tread, for the Arien ego can be rather overbearing. Undue optimism, or impatience and desire for self-aggrandisement can result in wasted effort or even severe setbacks and disappointment.