The Seasons Within

I am no longer afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my own ship” – Louisa May Alcott.

More and more, each day, is that quote making sense to me.

I was emailing my dear nanna the other day (unfortunately she is too far away to just go and give a big huge hug and tell her how much I love and miss her) and I must have been feeling a little low and commented on it so and being her caring lovely self, she straight-away wrote back with lots of solutions.

After writing her and thanking her for being so wonderful, I told her not to be too alarmed that I was just being my usual honest self whilst trying not to be overly negative. As I explained to her, I believe in expressing the lows as well as the highs as I like to ‘keep it real’. Thankfully though, these days there are as many highs if not more than lows and better yet the lows don’t go quite to the depths of despair as they have previously done.

Realising that life is like the waves that go up and down, like the tide that goes in and out helps considerably. Learning that it constantly changes just as the weather changes, sometimes suddenly and unpredictably other times just as night follows day; there is a great comfort in knowing that! So that in the middle of the next low as you take a few deep breaths you can remember the sun will shine again, that all you need to do is just hang in there and it will be all over soon.

Then there are times when in the midst of the storm, when you are lost in the wash and intensity of emotions it is a blessing to have friends to remind you of that.

But more than that, I have actually come to appreciate those lows as I see them in a whole new light. I have finally learnt how to read them and in doing so it has taken away the confusion. I no longer fear them as before because I recognise them as a sign to lay low, to take the time out from my normal daily schedule to relax and recouperate just as you would stay indoors on a wet, cold, winters day.

As a woman, never is this more beneficial to do than at that time every month. Unlike, when I was young where I would do anything to pretend it wasn’t happening. When I would carry on regardless, at the expense of my body through the means of painkillers etc. as if it was an unnecessary and involuntary procedure I must endure. I now honour it. I honour it by taking the time out from everything and everyone to just relax and be with myself. I use this time to pamper myself physically and to go within spiritually.

I find that everytime I do, I’m rewarded with such peace of body, mind and spirit.

I find that when I’ve taken the time out for myself, when I ‘come back’, I’m renewed; ready to face everything with a fresh outlook and not the same tired one of yesterday/last week/last month etc. It means I can live entirely in the present and not on the memories and reactions of past experiences.

To me, it’s like being one with the seasons of the planet. Just as we alter our lives to be comfortable throughout each season so does it make sense to do the same with the seasons of the soul. For example; I have often found on a windy day that my thoughts can be scattered and my temperament flighty whereas on a clear-sky day I am more at peace and relaxed.

It makes me wonder if just as there is a collective conscious that connects us all, there is a collective change of seasons that we can tune into. One that with practise, we can learn to be experienced surfers of in time and in so doing, will feel more at peace with everthing and everyone.

5 thoughts on “The Seasons Within

  1. Hello! I was thrilled to float across your space. We have some similarities in our writing and content. I have posted a link back to you on my own Seasons piece.
    Thanks for sharing!

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