Saturn – The Demanding Duty towards Past & Present

Virgo – Perseverance in Every Detail

The 6th House – Work; Health; Life in Detail

I was first introduced to astrology at the age of about 15yrs by an older sister. She had bought the book Sun Signs by Linda Goodman and highly recommended it to me. Being quite close in our ideas, especially back then, I soon-after picked it up and read the section of my supposed starsign and loved it immediately! 

Growing up in an extremely sheltered home, I was an intensely shy person yet with youthful will I was just beginning to try to understand who I was and what I wanted from life. It was reading the description of my starsign that struck a cord within me and created a desire to begin the unravelling of who I might be and what I was worth. My worth in particular was something I had always believed in inside but it was certainly not encouraged by my ‘family’ at all. No, it was something I would have to discover myself.

I related well with my sun sign for many years since then but it did not relate quite that accurately; there were conflicting sides within me that didn’t quite add up! It wasn’t till about ten years later that I returned to astrology for more understanding.

It was at my job at the time, the office girls would log onto Jonathon Cainer’s website each morning to read their daily sign’s predictions. Well I’d heard of this astrologer previously, as I would read his weekly predictions on occasion, found in the the back of The Good Weekend magazine also recommended by the girls at that job at the time. So, I would log on and read my prediction. Not one to really believe in a prediction I was curious to know more so when his site offered to do the astrological chart for free I thought why not?!

I must say when I first discovered what my ascendant and moon sign was I was quite surprised as they were not what I had suspected! Interestingly though, I wasn’t too far wrong as the the sign I thought those planets (or at least one of them) were in ended up being the sign a majority of the rest of my planets are in including mercury! Ha! 

In discovering out those two major planetary influences in particular, did I really start to discover more about myself in an indepth way. Now I had an explanation for the obvious two seemingly different sides to my personality, for the conflict in my behaviour between extroversion and introversion, for the many different mannerisms and ideas.

It was also through these discoveries that I found my tongue. Up until then I was quite shy and tongue-tied and confused as to how to express myself in that I both wanted to but wasn’t sure how. I found that it was in understanding myself that helped free that part of me.

So that brings me to just a few years ago where my side study of astrology through various websites was increasing to the stage of planetary transits. It was just prior to Saturn transitting my natal Leo that I met up with a brother I rarely saw to discover that he was reasonably well read in astrology also. I quite forget who first brought up the knowlege of the foreboding transit but I do remember asking him whether I had much to worry about in it’s upcoming transit of my leading sign (It was like I knew what was about to happen). If only he could tell me that much, I do believe he assured me that no matter what all would be well.

Ha, I since learnt that I had much to be ‘concerned’ about as my world was literally turned upside down! In the wisdom of hindsight, as only hindsight can bring about, it was the best thing to happen! Deep down I had wanted changes in my life but at that point in my life I wasn’t sure to the point of frustration as to how to make them happen.

So it was a storm to be weathered but I can honestly say (also with hindsight), the worst of it happened in the leading up to it as if my soul could hear it’s call long before it hit. (Maybe I will give the story about this transit in another post) It was towards the end of the transit; I had had enough by that stage and longed for my sun to come out again from the shadow of Saturn, that in my continued learning of my chart I realised that it was due to transit Virgo next and to my horror I had a STELLIUM OF PLANETS IN VIRGO..!!!

Ahhhhh..! What more must one endure…???! I was also, being of that age, having my first Saturn Return..!

Thankfully, I first learnt that being a fellow earth sign Saturn would be more ‘at home’ in Virgo than Leo so I relaxed somewhat. Then as I began to consider it more, I began to actually look forward to it as I started to realise that even though Saturn in Leo had changed many aspects of my life my thinking and ingrained actions was still the same! So that is why the adjustment was so harsh..! Here I was with my new improved lifestyle but my framing of it and attitude towards it was still holding much of the beliefs of my past – it did not match!

I can honestly say that when it transitted my Saturn in Virgo I FELT IT. Even before it began to transit my mercury next did I feel my thinking start to change.  To even begin to describe it; it is like all my internal desires inside, all my soul wishes were being shown a way. All that I had learnt along my journeys in life, that I had previously stored, my wishes to be and do but didn’t know how was suddenly given a light to see how to fulfill itself..!!!

When I lost my sense of self through the adjustment of Saturn in Leo the clarity came with Saturn in Virgo and so returned my new and improved sense of self. True to my Scorpy ascendant; first came the death of the self then came the rebirth to something greater.

It makes me wonder with anticipation what the next transits will bring; I have first Venus then Mars then my North Node to come.

I must address, that being somewhat aware of these processes not only helped me through them but allowed me to take full advantage of their gifts.

I can now say that Saturn is my friend.


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