I stumbled across this a while ago and thought it quite interesting, comical, maybe quite outdated and definitely one person’s idea but then I thought this world is made up really on just people’s ideas; all worth listening to/reading at least once if for no other reason to stimulate one’s own comtemplations.

“Americans maintain their sense of being god’s own country with a manifest destiny to lead the world to freedom and democracy. Australia has no global ambitions and those related to the region are for stability and economic advancement rather than dominance” – John Langmore

“Urban Austrlia was founded by English convicts, or to put it another way, England’s rejects. Urban America was founded by English puritans, or to put it another way, England’s weirdos. The difference between rejects and weirdos goes a long way to explaining the cultural differences between the two nations.

For different reasons, people in both Australia and America are reluctant to recognise their cultural uniqueness. Some Americans argue that Americans can’t be stereotyped as not everyone drives pick-up trucks and talks about when they were abducted by aliens. Likewise, a minority of Australians are obsessed with telling the world that the average Australian doesn’t wrestle crocodiles.”