An article by Liz Greene.

I came upon this article, by chance one day, as these things usually happen for me. It was to do with where my ‘head was at’ at the time (maybe I was putting the question ‘out there’ and it was being answered, yet again).

I was having some ‘internal’ issues at the time and seemed to feel some sort of push and pull between two extremes of feelings. When I came upon this piece it just seemed to ‘speak’ to me.

It is found filed at this famous astrology website where you can go to and get your FREE astrological chart done on the spot. Plus many many other features:

Here is a little background on Liz, who also holds a doctorate in psychology.

It is a rather large piece so I will just leave a few excerpts and then the link for you to peruse at your leisure.

“Since Chiron’s discovery in 1977, astrologers have been experiencing and exploring his themes, listening to new tales that resound to his ancient myth, and coming to some understanding of his archetypal impact. Now, over twenty years later, Liz Greene sees Chiron as essential in deepening our understanding of solar consciousness; for in order to choose to live life to the full, we have to face that part in us that would rather seek death.

The will to live is a great mystery. Every medical practitioner, with any experience of life-threatening illness, knows that the will to live can affect physical as well as psychological well-being, and survival often depends upon the sick person’s desire for life, rather than on the doctor’s ministrations. Nor is the will to live necessarily what we claim we feel. We may cry out that we want life; but somewhere inside, we want to go home, and this longing for oblivion may be more powerful than any conscious declaration of intent to “get better”.