“Awareness tells you not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.”

I came across this given on a forum I once regularly visited. I am not completely sure of it’s origin but I will share it anyhow.

You may have heard of some of these laws before, as I have, depending on your family background.

“Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ, the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed and other great Avatars who served as ‘channels’ for the ‘heavenly father’ (our father/mother god) and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness.

Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. The information contained herein was received from deep trance states and ‘interpreted’ by an entity affiliated with Cosmic Awareness Communications.

This information is for those who inherit the New Age. The New Age is the universal vibrations and the movement of planets, the movement of the sun in its sojourn through its orbit around Sirius in the Orion constellation and the variation that it meets in its movement that determines the Earth ages of approximately 2200 years each, and it is this movement into these new vibrations that trigger certain frequency reactions among the planets of the solar system so that the vibrations are altered on Earth and on the other planets in such a manner that it changes the consciousness of individuals on earth.

It is this that is causing and bringing about the New Age.”