This is a ‘MUST-SEE’ movie!

“Earthlings is a documentary about factory farming and mankind’s dependence on animals for food, clothing, entertainment and use in experimentation.” Wikipedia.

If you are an animal lover take care. If you are an animal consumer, user and/or abuser this will hopefully create a little awareness of your actions whether concious or not.

It is not found at your local movie store as it is not being endorsed for obviously political reasons but is easily downloaded through Youtube.


YouTubeEarthlings – part 1 of 3

Some comments on it’s contents include:

“must be seen with a box of tissues and a sick-bucket nearby”.

“People should be disgusted by this piece because it represents what is true in today’s society and what is disgusting. If you cannot kill your own meat humanly, you should not be eating it. Lethargy and turning a blind eye hurts you just as much as anyone. This is the reason for heart disease and obesity being rampant in the USA. If you need to run and kill your own prey (and most often unsuccessful) to survive then meat is a calorie packed choice for your sustenance – if you graze and meander all day (like most couch potatoes and most in the US) than you should be eating a grazer’s diet of veggies. Meat from suffering dirty animals is not necessary in a modern human’s diet.” Author: fancy halfpants from USA

For those that must eat meat; At this point in time I understand that there are some blood types that ‘need’ this form of protein to sustain them, following are some links to concious-free, humanly grown and slaughtered animal products: